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A long distance circular hiking trail around the central part of the Julian Alps

'JULIANA TRAIL' is a circular long-distance hiking trail that surrounds the central part of the Julian Alps. The trail is about 300 km long and leads through the valleys along the rivers of the Sava and Soča rivers, through passes, through forests, countryside and urban centers. The route is divided into 16 stages.

In this subchapter, you can virtually walk through the stages of the journey via a computer monitor or virtual reality device. The soundtrack is recorded by the institute at the time of documenting the route. Accompanying descriptions of each stage are based on our own experience of the route and with warnings of potential dangers along the route.

Virtualna ekskurzija :: Virtual excursionchoose the stage je

Stage 1

Kranjska Gora - Mojstrana

16,8 km

Stage 2

Mojstrana – Jesenice

20,6 km


Stage 3

Jesenice – Begunje na Gorenjskem

16,7 km


Stage 4

Begunje na Gorenjskem - Bled

15,1 km


Stage 5

Bled - Goreljek na Pokljuki

21,5 km

Stage 6

Goreljek na Pokljuki - Stara Fužina

22 km

Stage 7

Stara Fužina - Bohinjska Bistrica

12,5 km

Stage 8

Bohinjska Bistrica - Podbrdo

14,3 km

Stage 12

Tolmin - Kobarid

16 km

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