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Grad na Goričkem

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The settlement Grad is 'an unsettled type'settlement with a central part at an altitude of 275 m in the western area of ​​Goričko. The settlement was named after one of the largest Slovenian castles, which developed over the centuries as an economic and political center in this region. Until 1957, the official name of the settlement was Gornja Lendava, and even earlier the Hungarian Lyndwa. The place was mentioned in written sources as a square as early as 1478, and in Prekmurje, in addition to Lendava and Murska Sobota, it has always maintained this status. The parish church of the Assumption of Mary gives the settlement its characteristic image.
On a hill (331 m), 300 m east of the center of the village stands Grad na Goričkem, which is the most extensive castle and feudal complex in Slovenia. The circumference of the castle is ~ 360 m, which is as much as e.g. Ljubljana Castle or 170 m less than the Old Castle above Celje with the entire defensive wall. The castle (building) was first mentioned in 1275, but is believed to have stood as early as 1208, when the feudal count Nicholas ruled here. The present Baroque appearance of the castle was given in the 17th century when it was owned by the Batthyany family. The western area of ​​the castle is surrounded by the remains of a castle park with mighty trees brought from different parts of the world. After World War II, the castle was occupied by the Soviet Red Army, and since then the interior of the castle has disappeared from the castle. In 1985, the gradual restoration of the castle began. "Since 1993, the systematic rehabilitation of the heavily dilapidated oldest part of the palace building and the northern wing to the winding staircase." (Habjanic). In 2006, the static renovation was completed. Since 2003, the renovated premises of the castle have housed the headquarters of the Goričko Landscape Park Public Institution and the information center for visitors to the castle and the Goričko-Raab-Orseg Park. On the ground floor there are rooms with handicraft workshops.







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