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'Juliana trail' (Long distance footpath around Triglav national Park – Julian Alps)

stage 3 (Jesenice - Begunje)

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'Juliana trail'

(Footpath around Triglav national Park – Julian Alps)

stage 3: Jesenice - Begunje na Gorenjskem

length of realistic 'relief' route: 16.7 km

active walking time: 4 h 15 min. (3.9 km / h)

highest point of the stage: elevation 886 m

lowest point of the stage: elevation 533 m

The third stage begins in the former ironworks settlement Sava, today Stara Sava in town Jesenice. The path leads from the Gornjesavski muzej Jesenice ('Upper Sava Museum') - Ruard's manor house through the eastern area of ​​Jesenice to settlement Slovenski Javornik, then across the Sava Bridge through settlement Lipce and to settlement Bledska Dobrava. From Blejska Dobrava, the path starts towards the dam of the Sava hydro power plant near Moste and further to settlement Moste, through the streets of settlement Žirovnica under the westernmost slopes of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps to mountain hut 'Sankaška koča' and to the church of St. Peter above Begunje in Gorenjskem. The stage ends with a descent to Begunje at the Avsenik Museum.

Detailed description:

The trail starts at Ruard's manor house - Gornjesavski muzej (the Upper Sava Museum) and the Church of St. Mary. It continues along the sidewalk along Fužinska cesta, south of the shopping center to the underpasses of the railway bridges, and at the crossroads it enters the settlement towards the roundabout of town road 'Cesta železarjev'. After the administrative unit building of Jesenice and the municipal building, after 150 m, the yellow signpost of Juliana trail directs us to Ulica Bratov Rupar (street) and then at the crossroads to the right - east, along Cankarjev bataljon Street and further along Franc Benedičič Street. Care must be taken when walking as the street has no sidewalks (!). After half a kilometer, the street is crossed into a footpath - Tone Tomšič Street and a kilometer after it to the road of Boris Kidrič and settlement Slovenski Javornik. At the intersection of the Boris Kidrič road and the Janez Finžgar road, head south along the sidewalk along the Janez Finžgar road to the bridge over the Sava Dolinka River. At the bridge crossing, turn left and carefully cross a very busy road (!) - the connection of Jesenice with the highway.

Follow the sidewalk above the right bank of the Sava River for half a kilometer to reach the settlement of Lipce and continue from the road to the left through the settlement towards the Perun Lipce Campsite. There is no sidewalk through the settlement so be careful about the local traffic. After a 1500 m walk through the settlement and the asphalt road across the meadows on the eastern side of Lipce, ascend along a steep slope along the highway to the overpass over the Gorenjska highway and follow it along the road towards settlement Blejska Dobrava. After half a kilometer of walking along the asphalt road without a sidewalk, you reach Blejska Dobrava and at the crossroads turn left along the asphalt road. After 350 m there is a turnoff to the macadam road towards HPP Moste. We take this macadam road, which leads across the fields towards HPP Moste. The 1 km long panoramic macadam road offers a beautiful view of the easternmost area of ​​the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and behind it on the peaks of the Karavanke. The path descends in a slope into the underpass under the Gorenjska motorway and we reach the Moste HPP. An asphalt road leads across the dam of the hydroelectric power plant, which rises in a slope (20%) towards the old regional road Kranj-Jesenice. Care must be taken when walking as the road has no sidewalk and is opaque on the slope. At the top of the slope we come to a crossroads with the Kranj-Jesenice regional road. We have to cross the road very carefully (!!!) as there is no crossing over the road and the crossing is relatively opaque for fast vehicles.

The zellow signpost of Juliana trail directs us to the right along the local road across settlement Moste and on towards Žirovnica. The path runs along a fairly busy and very opaque local road through Moste to a sharp and very dangerous for pedestrians (!!!) bend past the monument to the hostages from the Second World War. At the bend under the railway bridge, the local road leads to Završnica. We continue along a narrow road past the monument to the hostages shot during the Second World War. The narrow road does not have a sidewalk, it only has poorly visible floor markings along the right edge for the bike path. Following the slope, we ascend past a small shop and the Pr'Gregor inn. Here begins the sidewalk along which we reach the crossroads and Žirovnica. We cross a railway crossing and follow the signpost of the path through the settlement. A 1.5 km long sidewalk path through the settlement takes us in a bend past the Trebušnik inn, Čop's birth house and back to the main street of the settlement. In Zabreznica, follow the signpost leading to the Žirovnica Primary School. Passing the primary school, follow the path to the street on the right through Zabreznica and further through the settlement to Breznica and above the village cemetery. Follow the signposts that lead through the settlement east towards Doslovče (500 m). Through the settlements we come to a crossroads with a large information board for the birth house of Franc Saleški Finžgar. Past the information board, we rise from the street to the cart track and the pasture fence. A signpost attached to the fence gate directs us along the path (Jaln's birth house) to the pasture. The path along the cart track and further along the path through the pasture to Smokuč offers us beautiful views of the surroundings. Above Smokuč there is a bench at the lookout point. The signpost leads us to a moderate ascent along the path towards mountain hut "Sankaška koča" and on towards the church of St. Peter (2 km). From the hut and from the nearby church of St. Peter are beautiful panoramic views of Dežela andBlejski kot. From the church of St. Peter is a quick descent to Begunje na Gorenjskem, where the third stage of the Juliana trail hiking trail ends at the Avsenik Museum.


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