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'Juliana trail' (Long distance footpath around Triglav national Park – Julian Alps)

stage 1 (Kranjska Gora - Mojstrana)

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'Juliana trail'

(Footpath around Triglav national Park – Julian Alps)


stage 1.: Kranjska Gora - Mojstrana


length of real 'relief' route: 16.8 km


active walking time: 4 h (4.1 km / h)


highest point of the stage: 972 m n.v.


lowest point of the stage: 654 m n.v.


The stage leads from the settlement and tourist center of Kranjska Gora along a path along the left bank of the Sava Valley, below the Karawans slopes with a moderate ascent along the cart track to the highest point of the stage in Srednji Vrh, down the local asphalt road to Gozd Martuljek and then along the former railway route. a cycling path along the valley of the Sava Dolinka to the Mountain Museum in the settlement of Mojstrana.

Detailed description:

The stage starts at the TIC (Tourist Information Centre) in Kranjska gora and leads through the settlement along Kolodvorska ulica to the 'T' crossroads in front of the former railway station in Kranjska Gora (190 m). Turn right along Koroška ulica and past the Lipa hotel to the left onto the macadam road towards the regional road 201 (Kranjska Gora bypass regional road). Caution is required when crossing the road (!), as there is no marked crossing over the road. If we turn back towards Kranjska Gora, we have a great vista of Prisank (Prisojnik, 2547 m).

Continue across the bridge over the Sava Dolinka River and at the macadam crossroads follow the signpost to the right along the macadam road along the left bank of the Sava Dolinka. After 260 m, the macadam road turns sharply left over the bridge over the Žakelj stream to the Ruteč sports park. Under the forest, right next to the fence of the sports park, a macadam path leads to the crossroads in front of the bridge over the Sava Dolinka in front of the Čičare settlement. Signposts to continue the route are poorly visible and turned away from our walking direction. The left macadam path leads past the wooden sand storage (communal) towards the apartment house and on with the ascent to the Karavanke (Bezje), so it is necessary to be careful to continue the path. Just in front of the bridge over the Sava Dolinka is a narrow path that leads along the left bank of the Sava Dolinka. We continue along it. The path along the bank and through the forest (1.5 km) is pleasant for walking. In some places there is access to the wide torrential and gravel-covered riverbed of the Sava Dolinka. The path is protected in exposed places with a wooden fence and wooden footbridges cross the streams that flow from the Karavanke hills.

The path turns into a cart track and leads to the bridge over the Sava Dolinka and the macadam road Srednji Vrh - Log. Follow the signs on the macadam road to the left (Mojstrana, Gozd Martuljek, Srednji Vrh). The macadam road leads from the bridge over the Jurežev graben and over a small stream power plant, after which it turns into a cart track and gradually climbs through the forest towards Srednji Vrh. The cart track leads past the chapel from where there is a view towards the Julian Alps. Before Srednji Vrh, the forest thins out and turns into pasture and mountain all the way to the village of Srednji Vrh. There are beautiful views of the Sava Dolinka and Juljiska Alpe valleys (Špik group) from the trail (1 km) all the time. The Tourist Cheese Trail (Pr'Hlebanju) also leads through the settlement.

From Srednji vrh, the footpath descends along an asphalt winding road towards the settlement of Gozd Martuljek (2 km). Caution is required due to traffic and opaque bends. Above the panoramic road with views of Karavnake and Julijce are picturesque rocks and the road leads through an artificial tunnel and above the stream Jerman with waterfalls.

In the settlement of Gozd Martuljek we reach the road Jesenice - Kranjska Gora. The crossing is not marked, so great care must be taken in traffic. Cross the road and continue past the signpost towards the bridge of road 201 over the Sava Valley. Just before the bridge that leads back to Kranska Gora, turn onto the bike path that leads to Mojstrana. After fifty meters there is a crossroads and on the right a bicycle bridge. An information board along the bike path towards Mostrana provides information on the 8.3 km bike path to Mojstrana.

We continue along the bike path. When walking, it is necessary to be extremely careful and stick to the edge of the two-lane cycle path, as the path is intended for cyclists. The bike path descends and cyclists usually take a "breather" here with an easy bike descent - be careful!

The cycle path leads along the former railway route: Jesenice - Kranjska Gora. It crosses iron railway bridges and offers views from the valley to both the Karavanke (left) and the Julian Alps (right).

The cycle path comes through a small industrial zone into the western area of ​​the settlement of Mojstrana. In front of the settlement is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sava Dolinka. Follow the signpost for the path along the western edge of the settlement and under the climbing wall (ferrata) - the wall of Grančišče towards the Mountain Museum where stage 1 ends and passes into stage 2. (Mojstrana - Jesenice)

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