A world wide panorama shoot on March 20, 2004 - from 11 AM to 12 AM

The entrance to Hades.The River Reka disappears underground in Velika dolina into Skocjan Caves Park ( Škocjanske jame) and then flows underground 34 km, all the way to Adriatic Sea where it becomes the source of the Timav River.The view of the big river, in the rainy season as it disappears underground, on the bottom of Velika dolina, 160m under the surface, is both majestic and frightening. Standing near the disappearing river had to be frightening, also at the genesis of the Greek mythology. Geographically we know the mythological supreme hierarchy of the Greek gods, but do we also know its opposite? The mythological entrance into the underground - Pluto's Hades?

That's the kind of questions that strike the present day visitor... and the answer is not far from here. The region of the Skocjan Caves Park, is archeologically extremely rich. And indications are that it was inhabited since more then ten thousand years until the present. A precious treasure of archeological findings in 'Musja Jama' indicate the influence of the Greek civilization, where since the end of the bronze age and in the iron age there was located a cave temple .

This region was certainly one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in Europe, three thousand years ago, especially in the Mediterranean where it was of important cult significance in connection with the afterlife and communication with the spirits of the ancestors.

FULL SCREEN QTVRs :'Photosamping' with Nikon D2H and 10,5 mm 'fisheye'LOCATION:LatitudE: 45° 39' 58" NLongitude (VGD): 13° 59' 38"Altitude: 420 m surface, the bottom of Velika doline (-163 m): 257 m
Waterfall in Velika dolina Sink of Reka River into Skocjan Caves

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