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Rajhenburg Castle (Brestanica Castle) is located in Brestanica above the confluence of the Brestanica and Sava rivers.

The original castle was destroyed during the Hungarian invasions of the Posavje region. In the period after 1126, Archbishop Konrad I of Salzburg rebuilt the castle, which was first mentioned as "Reichenburch" in written sources in 1309. The Reichenburg family managed the castle between 1141 (the first mentioned owners were Otto and Reinbert Reichenburg) and 1570, with the death of Hans Rajnprecht, the family became extinct. Between 1469 and 1480, the castle was the target of Turkish attacks. The heirs of the Reichenburg family were their Welzer relatives. Between 1515 and 1573 the castle was occupied by peasant rebels. The Welzers redeemed themselves from them during the Croatian-Slovenian peasant uprising in 1573, because they supported them with food. So they got the castle back. Further owners were: from 1579 - Baron Volkart Eghk, Alexander Paradaiser (from 1591), Franz Gall pl. Gallenstein (from about 1600) Baron Vid-Jakob Moscon (1639), Baron Leopold Curti, Karl Reising, Count Hannibal Heister, and between 1721 and 1802 the Counts of Attemsi. Behind them, 5 more owners exchanged before the castle and estate were bought in 1884 by Gabriel Giraud, a monk from Lyon, and left to the management of the French Trappists.
The Trappists turned the castle into the Monastery of Mary's Salvation and remained there until World War II. During the war it housed a center for Slovene exiles, after the war a women's prison, and today it houses the Museum of Slovene Exiles. Upon denationalization in 2004, the Trappists left the castle and estates to the Slovene Roman Catholic Church. The Municipality of Krško has invested 5 million EUR in the renovation of the castle in the period 2010-2012.

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