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'Juliana trail' (Long distance footpath around Triglav national Park – Julian Alps)

stage 4 (Begunje na Gorenjskem - Bled)

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'Juliana trail'

(Footpath around Triglav national Park – Julaina Alps)

stage 4.: Begunje na Gorenjskem - Bled

length of realistic 'relief' route: 15.1 km

active walking time: 3 h 44 min. (4 km/h)

highest point of the stage: elevation 554 m

lowest point of the stage: elevation 421 m

The fourth stage begins in Begunje in Gorenjska. The route runs along the plain world and the south-eastern outskirts of Dežela through the settlements of Dvorska vas, Zgornji Otok, Gorica and Vrbnje to Radovljica. The walk through the old medieval town of Radovljica ends with a panoramic view towards Blejski kot. The route continues with a descent to the Sava River and along the left bank of the Sava towards Šobec, where it crosses the Sava Dolinka and ends through the settlement of Koritno at the Information Center of the Triglav National Park in Bled.
The footpath, except for a shorter part along the Sava River, mostly runs on asphalt and macadam roads without sidewalks.

Detailed description:

The fourth stage begins in Begunje na Gorenjskem at the museum of the Slovenian musician and composer, Slavko Avsenik, and continues at the Begunje cemetery through the settlement to the primary school of Fran Seliški Finžgar.
A local, narrow asphalt road leads through flat meadows towards the Drnča manor and further through Dvorska vas towards the settlement of Zgornji Otok. The road has no sidewalks, so it is necessary to pay attention to local traffic. At Zgornji otok, follow the signpost to the right (north-west) along the regional road D-2, 100 m to the macadam road to the left, which leads through meadows towards the settlement of Gorica. There is no pedestrian crossing when crossing the D-2 road, there is very little pedestrian space along the road. There is a slight ascent to Gorica, a path through the settlement and a descent along an opaque bend of the local asphalt road to the settlement of Vrbnje and on to the sound wall and along the sidewalk along the Gorenjska highway to the intersection with the road Radovljica - Nova vas pri Lescah (500 m). We turn left through the underpass of the Gorenjska highway and continue along the sidewalk and crossroads along Kranjska cesta to the parking lot and bars at the Hotel Grajski dvor. We turn sharp left through a cluster of bars onto a cart track along the former city walls of Radovljica and the Partizanska pot (street). Above the former castle moat we ascend to the roundabout of Gubčeva ulica and pass the Tourist Information Center Radovljica through the old medieval town center of Radovljica (Linhartov trg). At the end of Linhartov trg (square), in front of the Museum of Pharmacy, turn along Cesta svobode to the panoramic viewpoint at Blejski kot. Turn right and descend past the rest of the 2nd st. war - a concrete bunker along the Cesta svobode to the railway overpass. Cesta svobode is opaque and has no sidewalk so a lot of attention needs to be paid to traffic. From the railway overpass we descend to the Sava bridge and in front of the bridge we set off on a forest cart track, which soon turns into a narrow and very muddy path along the left bank of the Sava. After seven hundred meters along the Sava River, the path turns into a cart track, which leads through a pine forest and then meadows to the local asphalt Šobčeva cesta (road). We continue to the reception of the Šobčev bajer camping site and then through the camping site (800 m) to the wooden bridge over the Sava Dolinka. When you cross the wooden bridge, turn right and follow the cart track that turns into the local macadam road through the meadows to the village of Koritno. Follow the signs for the Juliana trail and at the end of the village, when you reach the paved local road, turn right along the local road - there is no sidewalk, so it is necessary to pay attention to local traffic - Koritenska cesta to the roundabout Ljubljanska cesta (209) in Bled (1.6 km). Cross the road, turn right and after two hundred meters you reach the building of the Info Center of the Triglav National Park, which is the end point of the fourth stage.

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