Kamnolomi - Stone pits

Location: Technical Musum of Slovenia / Bistra / Slovenia
Latitude: 45° 56' 48" N
Longitude: 14° 19' 58" E
Elevation: ~294 m

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was the man who tamed the electricity. His name is used as the unit for the density of the magnetic field. He was a mysterious person and even today, many of his doings are hard to understand. He discovered the polyphase system, researched high frequency currents and he has first conceptions of the global radio system and wireless transmission of energy. The fact is that almost all Tesla's inventions originate from before his 45th birthday, later there was not much to be heard about his work. Rumor has it, that he did in fact come to some astonishing discoveries that were too amazing or too important to become public knowledge. After his death, those inventions supposedly ended in the vaults of the government of US... The pano displays operating Tesla coil, which is part of the exhibition on Life and Work of Nikola Tesla of the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

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Tesla coil Small hydroelectric power starion at the Technical Museum of Slovenia
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